Sunday, April 26, 2009

.:I am into Formula 1:.

I used find Formula 1 GP racing boring.Back then, F1 to me was a few cars going on a carousel ride. As you know they just go around a track, but in recent months I have learned to love the motor sport. What really made me a fan ? I began to appreciate the sport much more and know in dept about the technicalities of the sport. However, I am not a real big fan of the constructors. I lean more to a fan of the driver. My current favorite driver would be the youngest F1 driver in the history of Formula 1. Sebastien Vettel.

Now to me he is no ordinary bloke. He is German, like the world's most highly hailed F1 drive of all time - Micheal Schumacher. Born July 3, 1987 , he is an exceptionally driver for his age. A rookie to many but feared by many as many predicts that he will the an upcoming F1 driver that will dominate the F1 sport. He has has a very good run this season winning the Shanghai GP. There were some unfortunate incidents in the Australian and Malaysian GP, but there is consistency in him that people can recognize. Being at the 3rd starting position for tomorrow's Bahrain GP, he will have a lot to prove. I wish that he wins the title.There is a huge chance for him to clinch the title. All in all he needs to be calm and there is a need to have a good tyre and pit shop strategy.

It is going to be a nail bitiing race tomorrow as Red Bull is in between the very new Brawn GP and the experience Toyota team. This has been a great F1 season, I bet there is more to come in the races for this season.


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