Saturday, July 22, 2006

.:The Great Ocean Road:.

Finally! My very first tour.I was t excited and looking forward to tour around.The Great Ocean Road, I think most of us should be well aquainted to this tourist attraction around the world.The Great Ocean Road is more of sight seeing tour rather than an activity tour.I had to wake at 5.50 to get ready and leave the house by 6.30 am.Fiona picked me and my housemate to Huntingdale train station where will board a train to the city to hop on the tour bus.After 25 minutes train ride Reagan, Yuki , Fiona , Vincent and myself found ourselves in Flinder Street Station.Soon, we go off the station and headed to Market Street.Boarding mid-size bus, the tour guide introduced himself as Steven.After waiting for 5 minutes or so Steven started his engine and picked up a few other people that is joining the tour and headed to the M1 highway which is similar to Federal Highway.

Have a closer look at the picture and ignore the BMW, you will see a bridge.That bridge is called the West Gate bridge that allows passage to people to and from the west side of Melbourne.Pass the brigde we were headed to a surfing town called Torquay (pronounced as tor-kee).It is the birthplace of Quiksilver and Rip Curl.The town is known because of a nearby beach which is one of the best surfer paradise in the world.

Along the way, to Torquay I encounter the beautiful scenenary and the farms.By the way the Great Ocean Roads actually starts around these few place that I have shown above.I dont know what are the names of these places but it just beautiful.

Bells Beach is the paradies that i am talking about.The reason why this place is a surfers paradise is because of the waves that sea creates.The waves are synchronized in one line which and the waves are strong which make it ideal for surfing.The beach is so beautiful and crystal clean even though thousands of people trespass this beach every summmer.According to the tour guide this place is sardine packed during summer.Surfers from all arounf the world come to this very place to surf each summer.I just love beaches like this,the crystal clear blue body of water and the sea breeze gushing on your face .Gosh!! It is marvelous !!

Next stop is just no more than 8 minutes away from Bells Beach.I dont really recall what was the place called but there the attraction of the place is the Lighthouse.Nothing really speactacular about the Lighthouse, just that it was used to film some kids show in the early 90's.

That big rock behind me is called Eagle Rock.I wonder why do they called it so.The reason why I am pondering over its name is because the rock does not look like an eagle in anyway and there are no eagles there at all.So why called it Eagle Rock? Funny!The guy that is seated next to me is my dear housemate Reagan.Cool dude.Posing with that why it is called Eagle Rock.Next stop would be the arch memorial for those who built The Great Ocean Road.Nothing at this stop , just the arch and information board about the history of The Great Ocean Road.

The guys on this tour Vincent whom is Fiona's classmate from Singapore who is on holiday, myself and Reagan.The road from this arch is very winding one.It resembles Mt.Akina where drifter go around and drift.The corners are sharp which drifter are delighted to go for a spin.The Great Ocean Road would be a good place to drive if I have one of these sports cars.These sports cars are having a road trip which over took us.Soon we met the car in a nearby town.The model of the cars are Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 , Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6, Nissan Skyline GTR 34 and a Mitsubishi FTO.

The journey after the arch was a horrible one cause of the constant motion of the car swaying left and right.Got me real dizzy.After 20 minutes we stop and saw something really cute .Guess what is it???

Koala.They are just so cute.These beings are just plain lazy buggers.They sleep for 20 hours a day and move for less than 20 minutes a day. These ones that I saw are wild one roaming freely in the rainforest.Noone of them are awake so I took shots of them sleeping.After paying the Koala a visit we headed to a town to have lunch.It is the place where I spotted the drifter's cars.Once lunch was done with we headed to the highlight of the whole tour.The 12 Apostles.

The 12 Apostle is just a name there are actually 15 Apostles.Again why name it Apostles.There is only one word describe this place, havenly.There is no doubt about it.The spot was quite cold as the sea winds were blowing at that time.In the last picture you can see a little island.That little island is actually the remains of an apostle.I came down due to erosion, last August.We spent the most time here breathing in the ocean breeze and took some photos.There were a lot of people so we had to wait our turn to take photos.

The next stop is a gorge called Loch Ard.The name came from a ship which was shipwreck a couple of miles in the shore.2 survivors were washed up by the waves to this shore.So they name this gorge after the ship as the survivors were washed up here.It is another pretty sight that you cannot get it any other part of the world.

The last stop is the London Bridge.This rock formation was used to be open to the public.Since 1990 the access has been closed due to the collapse of a section of the bridge.On the right picture, imagine there was a platform between the 2 rocks.Everything seems to collapse around here because of the very strong waves.Thats all folks for my tour to the great ocean road.

"The Tranqulity of Mother Nature Refreshes the Mind"


*jealous*....the place looks awesome..i love it so much..i wish i could go there with u as well..:(

By Blogger Mischique, at 11:20 PM  

ooh.. sorry... Should have comment here.. Somehow I like to tag more than commenting..

Repeat : Wahh!! Very nice lah the pics... I like all the greens and the blue skies and the seas...

I shall go to those places in erm.. 2 years time??..

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 2:00 PM  

arrgHHHH.. i tot u were suppose to invite me? ishhh... celaka... i wanna go!!!!

By Blogger PoSHDeViL, at 9:13 PM  

I did but you were all busy!!!

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 12:57 AM  

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Friday, July 21, 2006

.:Morning of 21st July:.

I am officially addicted to tune The Fast and Furious (Tokyo Drift) by Teriyaki boys.I was warn by Vincent that it is addictive by I careless.I find the song quite cute.On this faithful morning I awaken by my awfully painful tummy.I cant remember what I ate the day before that is making my tummy upset.Hopefully after the toilet session I will feel better.

I just love a day off from classes.I get tug in on my bed with my warm blanket.The problem with off days is that I am so lazy to get my butt moving.I have heap of thing piling up for me to do but I choose to be lazy.Wouldn't complain much since it is a day off for the first week of the semester.Good morning Melbourne.....rather Good Morning Clayton.

"Living is Simple, Only we complicate things"


Ok.. Just found out that you wrote the song... But I won't comment further until you've put up the lyrics coz I can't really hear the words..

Kudos for the effort on writing the song...

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 10:54 PM  

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

.:Coolest Job on Planet Earth.:.

My dad's job.No question about it. Good pay, pretty stewardess, and just so cool when you are doing the job or just walking around with the pilot uniform is just so cool.Yes my father is a Pilot. It has been many years since the last time I was in the cockpit of a commercial airplane.However, lucky me on my way back to Melbourne this round I was given the chance to be in the cockpit during take-off and landing in a Boeing 777 aircraft.In actual fact, no one else is permitted to enter the cockpit after 9/11 but under tight control and since my dad is the captain of the plane I was allowed to do so.

I am not able to take any pictures of the cockpit so you guys would have to imagine how it looks like.Upon entering the cockpit you will see a whole lot of buttons , indicators, dials and LCD screens.There is a total 8 compass with in the cockpit with their own various functions.I was seated at behind my dad on the left, on the right is the co-pilot.Dad as me to tug the seat belts on, but I have no idea how to tug it in.It was so complicated cause I have seat belts instead of the normal 2. After a while, I began to figure out how it all works.It goes like this, first you strap on the seat belt on your waist and click into a buckle.Next, pull the other 2 strap behind your shoulder and tug both of it into the buckle.Lastly pull the strap underneath the seat the one your groin and click it into the buckle.I felt so cool doing that and I dont mind doing it a million times over and over again.

While I was strapping myself, dad is doing the take off checklist and briefing the co-pilot on the flight plans and what to do in case if there is an emergency.Both of them were talking in gibberish all the time.I could only make out a few things.Stuff like "Alpha is for A , C is for Charlie and Z is for Zulu".They dont use letters as it is unclear so words are used to avoid miscommunication.After going through the check list and the last passenger made it through the airplanes door.The co-pilot radioed ground to do a pushback.A pushback is done because the plane cannot move backwards.Then the pilots find their way to the take off strip and take off.After climbing to around 30,000 feet I was back at my seat in the cabin.

Later, 45 minutes before landing again I was in the in cockpit it the plane land.Sat down, did my seat belt thingie and listen the gibberish again. I looking out the window infront of me and I cant see anything at all it was clouds outside but with the help of the inflight radar pilots can still see their way.Of the sudden, I saw the runway light up with a bulbs. Landed safely and in one piece.The landing part was pretty scary cause I am scared of heights.Still it being a pilot is the coolest job in the world.

"Straighten up and fly right, cool down papa dont blow your top"
Nat King Cole -
Straighten up and fly right


I'm so jealous... You get to go to the pit!!

Too bad you won't be in Msia to watch Silver Planes...

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 12:08 PM  

Oh same here!! i wonder what will be all about. I am always fascinated with planes.

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 1:56 PM  

i'm not so fond of aeroplane myself but... OMG YOUR DAD IS SOOOOO COOL!!!!

By Blogger Katabana, SwitchMeister..., at 10:40 PM  

Hey katabana thanks for dropping by

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 12:18 AM  

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

.:Good Bye Summer , Hello Winter:.

Being home for 3 weeks and heading back to Melbourne tomorrow just makes me feel nostalgic all over again.I miss everything that I had enjoyed for the past 3 weeks. I really want to thank those who sacrifice sometime to catch up with me. The "Superhero Gang" I am going to miss you all.For those who I did not meet up there is still another time when I return.Again, thank you all for all the prayers ,farewell wishes and pressies. It means a lot to me.Good bye to all everyone in Malaysia I will dearly miss you.

Hello, Melbourne again.Looking forward for a new and exciting semester ahead.Hope to have a pleasant flight like what I have when I return to Malaysia.However, this time my dad is flying me to Melbourne.It's gonna be cool.

"So Long fare well , I hate leave this pretty sight"
Sound of Music - So Long Farewell


come back to Melbourne just to study... forgot abt Dennis adi... =(

By Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™, at 11:35 AM  

Ehhhh how can I ever forget Dennis wor!!! It is my family...

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 8:04 PM  

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Mood : Emotionaless

My Tune: Nickleback - Photograph

Hope.Many of us cling on to.Some see it as a word, for some it is their motivation in life.Hope.Is it just merely a word that used or is it an emotional feeling that we use to keep in focus on our dreams and goals in life? So what is Hope? We all Hope for something in our lives.Hope seems to be the driving for our lives. I dont have an answer to what Hope really is but to me Hope gives me the power to dream.Not day dream but to dream big things for life and God.The last 4 months was not easy but always hope for the best and things to run as smoothly as possible.It is the start of the 3rd quarter of the year and dont need to repeat myself as time really passes by really fast. I am gald that I pull through it all and survive it.Hope chance in life that I would not just give up after I had achieve so far.The remaining 2 quarter of this year is yet unfold itself.Seems bleak but i hope for the best.

I really want to thank thosse who was there for me when things were not looking my way.Friends in Malaysia, I will never forget the 2 and half weeks I was back.You all gave me the strength to move on in life.I really appreciate for all you had lead a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.I mean the whole world to me. I am sure the next semester is going to be a blast.I am changed and touched.A better person , a stronger one.There are still some thing in my life that still looks bleak but I know one day all the pieces of puzzle in my will fit in a beautiful picture.I will not look at my rear view mirror but look ahead and strive for what I have always dream for.

"Tomorrow is a brand new day"
Forty Foot Echo - Brand New Day


You know, I once posted about hope too. During that time I kept coming across this word, whether if it's my devotion, or my friend's blog, newspaper, even my uni's CF stage play!! I really have no idea why, but shortly after that something happened in my life (you know what), and then it all make sense.

God was telling me to hope, but then another question came into my mind. What to hope?? Hope for what?? Hope that He will heal it as I wanted it to be? Or to hope that God will heal my hurts? Whatever was is, I was clinging onto a hope which God profess but I myself wasn't sure of.

Hope is something we need in order to live. Without it, when we fumble we'll lose sight of our purpose in life.

Maybe you should blog about Faith next... Heb 11:1

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 2:30 PM  

Here's the 'noise' u requested..haha.. ;P Im so kind...muahaha. cheer up kay drian. i tell u a joke...

One day Ali and his friends went to country X for a holiday. So they visited the safari in country X. Before they went in, the tour guide told them.. u can touch anything but NEVER NEVER touch the bear.

So... after walking around for 20 minutes, Ali saw the bear. HE was curious on why they cannot touch the bear so he use his finger to lightly poke the bear.. GoSH.. the bear bcame furious, he got so angry and started chasing after Ali.

Ali got scared and ran for his life. He keep running and keep looking back, but unfortunately, the bear is still chasing him.

After a while, Ali saw a forest, so he ran into the forest thinking that the trees will help mislead the bear, but he was SOOO WRONG. The bear was still chasing even after he got out of the forest. After running out from the forest, he saw a taxi. So he went onto the taxi and told the driver to drive him to da airport. But the bear was smart too.. he stop the next taxi and follow ALi to the airport.

Ali realised that since he was ahead of the bear, he quickly got down from the taxi and check into the airport. Ali went onto the plane safely since the bear is a bear, he couldn't get onto the plane without a passport. Ali thought he's gonna be safe. But he was WRONG again. the bear succesfully sneak into someone luggage and followed him back to m'sia airport.

So finally when they arrive m'sia airport, Ali realised the bear has followed him back so he gave up. He turn around and told the bear... "I give up.. do whatever u want to me.."

So the bear took a deep breath and poke Ali with his finger and said: "TOUCH YOU BACK".

the end ;P

By Blogger PoSHDeViL, at 9:19 PM  

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

.:Summer Holiday in Lang Tengah:.

I really wish that I had a million words to describe the island of Lang Tengah.The untouched tranquility of Lang Tengah is just heavenly. I had never been to an island holiday before, this is my first and my the first with my friends.The morning of the 2nd of July I was at the LCC Terminal to take a 45 minutes flight to the state of Terengganu.Exiting the aircraft I was amazed with the size and the architecture of the Terengganu airport.It was small and very old.It only had one runway for landing and take off.At the arrival hall, we were greeted by the coach drive who will take up to the Merang jetty which from the we will board a boat called "Nurul 3" to the island of Lang Tengah.I dreaded the hour plus boat ride, it was not pleasurable at all. Lang Tengah is an island that is situated in the middle between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian.Hence the name Lang Tengah where Tengah means middle.We spent 3 days and 2 nights there. A very peaceful island with very little to do. The rooms are not equip with television or radios.Thankfully, it had air-conditioning.The time spent in Lang Tengah was good and peaceful. Below are some photos to share with.. Enjoy !!!!!

The Airport in Terengganu

Me with the Island of Lang Tengah behind me.

The amazing friends I went with.

The beach of Lang Tengah.

Another beach shot.
I love this picture the most, it is like stairway to heaven.

The waves crashing against the rocks.

The sun set at the beach of Lang Tengah.

Me and SexyEe Way.

Me and Shorty Victoria.

Me and Nerdy Su- Wei.

Me and Ultraman Boon.

Nick ah Chew and me.

Me and Dino in the departure hall.
Me and my absolut VODKA.Vodka makes me go weeeeeee....

The group and Divers from Lang Tengah.( Brian the white guy is from Oz)

Nooooo!!! I dont want to go home!!!!

Lang Tengah unforgettable memories.

"You wish that summer can always be here!"
Nat King Cole - Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of Summer.


hahaaa.. at last u put up some pictures... sooo nice the beach!!~

By Anonymous Princess Sabby, at 6:59 PM  

The pics... Me likey...

I haven't really heard of Lang tengah before this... I guess it's not as populated as Redang or Perhentian, thus the beauty of the nature is still well preserved...

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 10:31 PM  

y not to Redang? it's a place ppl know better... never heard Lang Tengah... lol... damn you... now i must rethink whether to go to Redang or that Lang Tengah... hmmm... btw... it's DAMN cold here now... the whole week has been really windy... there hot ma? ;p lol

By Blogger ΅•º čħĸ åĸä ®ēåģăŇ© º•΅ ™, at 6:03 AM  

It is so Bloody hot here!!!! I wish it was at leat a bit colder grrrrrr..

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 11:29 AM  

oh ic actually my uncle own a resort in Kuala Trengganur do u heard of Pulau Redang Languna sumer holidays the resort is very nice
next time u come bc to malaysia let me know my hp 0123097095

By Anonymous min ying, at 7:57 AM  

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Friday, July 07, 2006

.:Things changes......They really do!!!:.

I have been back home in Malaysia for 2 weeks already. Still,I am being surprised by the drastic changes to everything around me.4 months just passed like it was yesterday.Tomorrow would be another 4 months.Ever wonder why things change so fast these days? Example people get into a relationship, out of no where there is a hotel in Bandar Utama, and breaking up relationship.Technology is to be blame.Time flies faster than never before.People can move to one place to another within mins to hours.Oh forgot to mention the greatest creation ever "Mobile Phones". I dont think I need to say anything about it. I bet you can tell me more rather then me explaining it.So with techonology people change too.Either for the good or the bad.

My arrival home was greeted with lots of announcements.Such as a large number of my friends are in a relationship.It really torn me apart.I am happy that some of them move on.However I was jealous due to the fact that I will be neglected or I will be the lamp post everytime I hang out with them.On top of that, some friends distant that ever.Well they used to be close , just because of the distance in friendship made a gap in the friendship.People say that long distance realtionship doesnt really work.It applies to all types of relationships I guess not just BGR (Boy girl relationship).Still, things can change within seconds what more 4 months.

This is just a short post to keep my readers busy.Next post will on the Lang Tengah trip.....

"One day it"s Heaven, One day it's Hell"
Jessica Riddle - Even Angels Fall


I want PICS of lang tengah!!

Not only things.. People changed too... I think people change much faster than things...

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 2:11 AM  

Drian u back d?

By Blogger PoSHDeViL, at 11:07 AM  

nope i am not i am coming back on the 17th of july arriving that is.....

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 4:55 PM  

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