Tuesday, November 08, 2005

.:Waiting upon Judgment Day:.

At last exams are over and I can breathe at last. It has been a while since I was able to really breathe with assignment and exams tagging along with me. However, it is not the end of the road for me , I am currently very worried about my results. I honestly feel very discourage. All I pray that God help me in my results. Holiday mood will effective for now onwards. Tomorrow will be a big day as I am attending Planet Shakers conference 2005. On that bomb shell Good Night!


Hey.. Happy holidays!! Well, don't be discouraged lah, as long as you put in your best efforts, set your aims right, everything should be fine. Trust Him. Will pray for you.

Oh, how come this post didn't appear few days ago when I visited your blog?? Weird.. It was definitely after the conference.

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 1:25 AM  

hey baby...i think u'll do ok...try not to worry k? i screwed up my paper too so i noe how it feels..but hey..maybe you did pull through..who knows right? right now you just enjoy your holidays to the fullest..coz holidays are non existent for aimst students..arrgh!

love you

By Blogger Mischique, at 10:03 PM  

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

.:Wrapping up the Semester:.

Time really passes by fast! It is already the end of the semester! As usual when the semester comes to a close there will always be another hurdle. Final examinations. Sigh! Talking about it just give me the creeps. I always have this exam phobia that I will not do well in an examination. Anyways, this will be a short entry to update and to keep things alive in here. I had sat for 2 examinations already and I have 2 more to go.

The first paper is Business Law. I failed this unit before last semester and vow not to fail again. However, after sitting for the paper I think I could have done better. I hope and pray that I will not flunk that paper again as I did well for my assignments and I have a high chance of passing. God please help me! Amen. The second paper was Integrated Marketing Communication. The paper was left unfinished as time ran out but I was able to cover the essay part which had a higher weightage of marks compared to the section that I did had time to complete.

The next 2 paper that I am going to take in a few days time are crazy units. Why? I will explain why. The first paper would be Human Resource Management. Sounds cool and interesting but trust me don’t take it as an elective for fun (Note to Monash Students) as you will get a strict lecturer. Her name just strike fear. The last paper is that I am going to take is a prerequisite to my other marketing subjects(it means if i dont pass this one cannot go on) , Marketing Research Methods. Pretty worried because I know nuts about it and I am totally blurred for this subject. Just pray hard that I can pull through this semester. I really do not want to get poor results. I want to have a good wrap up of this semester.


Biz law.. *choke choke*.. thank goodness it is over. Dont worry, as long as you've attempted ALL the questions, there is no reason for ur lecturer to fail you. Wait... if u've finished all the questions, u will most prob score la!

As for the rest of ur killer subjects... all i can say is 'GOOD LUCK'!

I have already completed 3 exams on the first week itself.. All i want is to passs my acc theory and auditing! gosh.. 1st December is so far away!

By Anonymous Q, at 12:13 PM  

hey baby, i pray for u everynight..so don't worry k? i noe the Lord above will listen and grant our prayers. just give it ur best...like me oso..im really worried that i'll fail but wut to do? everytime u think ur in a hopeless dead situation..think of me in my situation...then u'll be thankful that ur in monash after all. hehehe love you muakz

By Blogger Mischique, at 12:34 PM  

Ermm... All I can say is "GOOD LUCK!!"... And we'll pray for all monash students...

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 11:05 PM  

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