Sunday, February 01, 2009


It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. It is the 4 process colours in print. These 4 colours mix together will form the other million of colors you see in a print advertisement. They are simply 4 colours but every colour plays a role in forming other colours.

Thus, it is the same when you go through life.There are periods of your life when you need some Magenta to spice things up, some dull Cyan moments, Yellow moments that you will always remember and dark Black moments when you are totally lost.Something in life are inevitable but there are things in life that we do have control over.


It is not as easy task dealing with your own emotions.At times, they governed everything about you.No matter what the difficulties are there are numerous ways that we can control emotions.Negative emotions are the ones that are most destructive and annoying. They are like a poison that kills a persons self-esteemed slowly.A simple solution is always try to be more optimistic about your circumstances, down all the positive things to your mind and do not download the negative ones.Easier said that done, but if you want to be in control you need to be able to learn to stand firm with your positive emotions.

"Colours are mixed for a beautiful purpose"


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