Friday, December 28, 2007

.:The Curtain Call:.

A ray of light travels at 1,079,252,848.8 km per hour. I reckon time travels fast too. Folks it is the end of the year. 2007 is at it's end. Still last year did not seems like it was a million years ago what more the year 2007 itself.I still can recall my what happened last Christmas eve and a whole lot more.Looking back at some of the blog post that I have written, something struck me. I was constantly ranting about how atrocious life was back then.Partly because, I was very insecure then.It does prove one thing though.Things have changed.The very reason for me to stop and ponder the past serves that I grown out of it.Yes! I did laugh at myself wondering why have I been so silly and a fool.

Indeed, I was a fool to think that the only to solve all my atrocious life lies in a relationship.One can argue the fact that it make your life a whole lot better.However, it might not be the right time for you to be in one.Moreover, ready to a part of one.I was thankful that I have the sane mind not to be in a relationship in a hasty manner back early this year.I thank God that for the wisdom or it would be very likely I would have been a fool again.Hurting myself along with others was really not my cup of tea.Also I was in a depression during that period which could have been the major factor of my folly.There on, I met someone.Some so made not smiles but laughter.Ashley filled my life with the exceeding abundance.I waited and God honoured it.Baby, the past 6 months was awesome!!!

Putting that aside, this year was filled with the usual ups and downs.However, I would say 2007 was a heck of a good year.Joy was in such an abundance that I had to share it.I felt loved by friends and my dearest.His grace was abundance along with His mercy.What else could I ask for? Life was never about how you have started or how is it going to end.Its a process, where the process is the one thing that will underpin what a life that you have lived.

Planet Uni (University Ministry of Planet Shakers) Camp was one of the breaking point for me.I renewed not just my faith but my life. Before that, badminton was the only thing that really kept me going.Drowned by notion that badminton would kept me alive could have drowned me further into believe that I was the only key for survival.Badminton was my drug as it were to suppress my sorrows.Later on, my attendance to Urban Life had me realised that I am actually morphing into an nominal Christian. My utmost sincere thank you to Aaron for inviting me to Urban Life as it was life changing and Hau Wei who not only gave me a lift to and back from Caufield but also your guidance as brother in Christ.My "pilgrimage" to Hillsong Conference open the floodgates to my life.Every session was jaw breaking and heart wrenching. It really made a mess out of my life in a positive manner I would say.It launched me to another dimension in my life. A chapter that I will never forget. God was faithful all the way and He was just waiting for the right season.Its all good and I loving God much more.

That's not all.I can boldly say that my skills for badminton has improved.Not leaps a bounds but its way much better where I left off last year.Now at least I can have a better game.Even if I am not in my best form.I still can enjoy the game thoroughly.Again, I have to thank the dedication of my coach Ajie Sindoro, who used to train under Rexy Mainaky and is the best mens doubles specialist in Oceania region.His guidance gave me an upper edge in my game.I miss the training that he has me do.

Without a doubt I have graduated.Studies this year has been awesome.As the saying goes "Study smart , don't study hard" very much applies to my style of studying.My freshman years are something that I am not very proud of.Then, I was horrible at everything that has to do with academics.Not really a natural talent for studies.A few distinction and credits in my results just motivates me more to achieve in my academic life.

A year ago I made some resolution for myself and I am proudly to announce that I have achieve 5 out of the 6 resolution that I have for myself.

1) Graduate - Like DUHH
2) Win at least one of the Badminton Tourney - Monash Closed Men Doubles Champion
3)Able to run 6 KM - I am still stuck at 4 KM (Failed)
4) Grow more bulkier - Indeed I have
5) Be Happier - I am :P
6) Mature in every single way - Getting old some it is timely.

I am amazed with all that I have achieved so much this year.I want to thank my baby,friends, parents and God.For all the support , care and love that all of you have lavished on me.I am so thankful that it has been an awesome year.Currently it is 3 am and I don't have the time to think of 2008's resolution.Will post it on the next post. Good nite and Good Bye 2007.


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

.:The End of a Chapter.:.

2 Continents,
2 Countries,
A home,
A Foreign Land,
4 Campuses,
Cans of Red Bull,
Midnight lamps that never cease to dim,

This is a little tale of me.For once,I can say I made it.My convocation on the December 18th 2007 marks not just my success but God's faithfulness.The joy of dressing up in my academic gown drawn all over my face.Though, I know very well that this is not the end of everything but the start of many new things.The knowledge I gain will be the projector of my careers in the days to come.Monash University has its flaws, again what system has no flaws? I do thank the university for the best they have given me.I also want to thank friends, classmates, my family and God for everything had been made perfect by all of you.I would say I did not started well during my freshman years.Things got a rough along the way.However, I did not lose hope and spur on.I now believe that nothing is impossible.

Alright, less on the emotional side of things. Here are some pictures that you can indulge yourself with.


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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

.:I'm Estactic:.

It's quite obvious when a person is done with exams forever. Yes I have finally made it. My final semester is over and done with. Results are released and I have indeed go through the thick and thin.Relived of assignments and examination pressure seems to be an odd feeling.The thing is i have been stuck with it too long till it has become very apart of me.Besides, I am not complaining about my freedom.

Many have asked me "So? What are you up to?" . Well I would say that I am quite a slob with an intention to be one. Once my eyes are wide open, I jump on the sofa and sitting there literally for countless hours with a little black box called a PS2.Playing to my hearts content.Also, my never ending quest to be the best in my badminton, fuel me to spend more time training on it.A very big thanks to Kenneth Chan who purchase the PS2.

Having said all that, I merely have 1 or 2 months more to enjoy before I start my being a man (Still very much a kid). Busting my ass to earn a living.Again, a chapter of my life has ended and a new one starts.I am still deciding am I to stay on in Melbourne or go home to Kuala Lumpur.A tough one to call I reckon.

But, for now my job title is : SLOB...


knock urself out on tis very merry jolly holidays.....isnt tis like the best december u wil ever have.... graduation...christams....holidays.....the "LITTLE BLACK BOX"....hehe........
all d best mate ;)

By Blogger Rachel, at 9:48 AM  

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