Sunday, December 31, 2006

.:Dusk and Dawn:.

It has been a year.It is the dusk of 2006 and the dawn of a new year 2007.The year really passed blazing fast.Memory of receiving my offer letter to Monash Australia , still fresh in my mind.Next thing I knew I was sitting for exams in Caufield for semester one.

2006 was filled with surprises and not just that but I think it was the year that I felt I was in the lowest point on planet earth.Lonely and cold.Times in Melbourne was passed with loneliness and bitterness.It was a good time for me to reflect on the what the future holds for me.I was really lost in the maze , trying to figure out what is my purpose in this life.It was a period that discover things that I never knew I could.I was always struggling with academics all my life, but somehow I was able to overcome it and do well for academics this whole year round.2006 was a roller coaster ride,up and down.Still I am very thankful for the year as I have grown in maturity in a lot of things. Being independent was one thing but there were others like being less fickle minded, emotion control, and my reliance on God.I am so thankful that God brought me through everything that happen in 2006.I have grown stronger in every way.

2007 is here and all I got to do is look forward for it, below are a few new year resolution I would like to make for myself.

1) Graduate -This is a must
2) Win at least one of the Badminton Tourney
3)Able to run 6 KM
4) Grow more bulkier
5) Be Happier
6) Mature in every single way

That's about it all, I hope I can at least achieve 4 of the resolution that I have made.

Blessed Happy New Year 2007 to all of you out there......


Happy New Year!! Welcome 2007!!!

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 9:08 PM  

hey Fun fun happy new year to you tooo

By Blogger Blurry D, at 3:44 AM  

hhehe, i lurv ur resolution, especially the get bulkier part hahahahahaha........
oh n yea, part 5 is a must!!! living is pointless if u're always unhappy=)
Happy New Year to u too Ponkey...
let go of the bitter past n bring forward all ur cherished memories n ambitions into this new year=)

~God Bless~

By Blogger Rachel, at 3:34 PM  

I hope i can get everything done in one year...Thanks for being there..everyone wants to be happier....

By Blogger Blurry D, at 3:40 PM  

ur resolutions are quite simple la , so i think there wont b any problem to achieve all of em' in one year......except mayeb the bulkier part la....y u wan to anyway? u dun look like u need to =p

By Blogger Rachel, at 3:57 PM  

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Friday, December 29, 2006

.:Christmas Rocks!!!:.

Truly the season of Christmas is indeed an enjoyable one.There were lots of food , parties and presents.Figuratively in terms of friends,the best Christmas presents that I could ever have.Its was Christmas Eve and I had a little pot luck dinner at my house.Something small and extremely enjoyable.

The party was adjourn to Curve where we once again find ourselves in a little club called Sanctuary.It was only 9.12 PM and the whole place was swarming with people trying to get into Sanctuary to get a place.Lucky thing that I made a reservation a day back or else my mates and I will be one of the dumb dumbs begging for a place.

The first picture is the not so spacious area of sanctuary, with really cool orange wall lights.
The second one is my so called booking paper, kinda cool to be known as Mr.Adrian Kok.
Third picture a group picture of eg , me , Sue Ann, Elaine and Wonnie.
Last one is me and my brother for another mother Nick.

1) A group of Julie , Janet and Me
2) Me and Julie
3) Me and Janet
4)The swarm of people in front of Cineleisure

Rain Deer Me and Lady Jess

This picture is a simple explanation of us trying to fit a human into a jar.It kinda failed, as the test subject was very reactive.

Miss Su and Miss Sue

Sue Ann and Elaine

Me, SA and Elaine

For some unusual reasons, Nick seems to be very angry...I wonder why


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Monday, December 25, 2006

.:Love : A Thesis - Update:.

Yes!! I finally finished writing Chapter 1 - The definition. It took me weeks to get ideas, the whole definition of love is still at its infant stage.I am not a very good writer still working on it.So cut me some slack.

Please do visit Love : A Thesis


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

.:Jingle Bells!! Jingle Bells!!:.

I just cant believe that Christmas is around the corner already!! I am all out to party till I drop. Every year, I await this time of the year as it is the biggest celebration within the whole year.Even Chinese New Year loses out to Christmas.

Over the years, I begin to see more and more Christmas decoration all around PJ and KL.Its wonderful.However, people do not realise what is the real Christmas spirit all about.Some of them forget, some of them do not even know what is Christmas all about.Christmas is about the birth of my Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ.It is a joyous day for us as who believe in him as Lord and Saviour.The day that He came into this world.

Christmas is a time where you spend time with people that you cherish and love.Your friends and family.So people take time and spend time with them this Christmas.Make this year the best Christmas of them all.

Blessed Merry Christmas to all you out there !! I love all of you!!!! Huggy Wuggy!!!!!


melly kweesmus n happie new year pinky ponkey =p
have wonderful, joyous, blessed season

By Blogger Rachel, at 6:27 PM  

Thank you wish you the same too...hehehe

By Blogger Blurry D, at 5:40 PM  

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Friday, December 22, 2006

.:A funeral of the past....:.

I miss you, so bad that I still cant belive that things happend the way it is.Thoughts of you are so frequent.Everything seems like it happend yesterday.I let you go and you walked away.This videos is dedicated to you MCAC......

I just want to bury everything 6 feet under.Lets just be what we are now, hoping that the future will bring something that is brighter than the sun.Even if we are just friends I will be more than glad.To have a friend like you.This is another song I would like to dedicate to you.Will always be your special friend.Always there for you when you need a hand...

"You know that I will be there for you..."


hmm, i love avril's songs..... aww...u oways sound so sad n hurt inside......i wish there's sumthign i cud do or say that cud mk u feel so much better n try get over the grief soon..... i guess whn d heart is shattered nutting seems to b able to mend it....well, time's a great healer.... i can so totally feel ur pain......well gv it some time n hang in there=)
tk care....

ps: eh i tot i said post up pictures wf ur face=p

By Blogger Rachel, at 1:38 AM  

I really wish that i can blow all my grief away...Time will tell another tale and will heal these wounds...Its life thanks for being there.....

By Blogger Blurry D, at 2:17 AM  

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Monday, December 18, 2006


As usual, my windows media player is always on random.I had a random thought about my life now and the song wounded by Good Charlotte popped out. The whole song summarise everything...It is a nice song anyways...

Wounded - Good Charlotte

Lost and broken,
Hopeless and lonely.
Smiling on the outside,
and hurt beneath my skin.

My eyes are fading,
My soul is bleeding.
I'll try to make it seem okay,
But my faith is wearing thin.

So help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them up.

I only wanted a magazine,
I only wanted a movie screen,
I only wanted the life I'd read about and dreamed.
And now my mind is an open book,
And now my heart is an open wound,
And now my life is an open soul for all to see.

But help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open and I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me,
So you come along,
I push you away,
Then kick and scream for you to stay.
Cuz I need someone to help me,
Oh I need someone to help me,
To help me heal these wounds,
They've been open for way too long.
Help me fill this soul,
Even though this is not your fault,

That I'm open,
And I'm bleeding,
All over your brand new rug.
And I need someone to help me sew them,
I need someone to help me fill them,
I need someone to help me close them up.


cheer up mate...
things will turn out for the better.....if not soon, eventually..stil...so hang in there=)
God Bless*

By Blogger Rachel, at 9:09 PM  

Thanks Rachel C, I guess wounds do take sometime to heal dont they..Will try to hang in there..God bless you too...

By Blogger Blurry D, at 12:37 AM  

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

.:Flo's 24th !!!!:.

Happy 24th Birthday Flo!! Many might not know Flo, she's my Jie Jie that watch over me when I was in the ball comittee and MUSA council.She was the one that thought me lots of things and I have learnt a great deal of things from her.She is a wacko like me, but deep down she is strong as an ox.She was activity chairperson in MUSA in the year 2004.She rocks!!!

Ah Boy (Thats what she calls me) and Ms. Florence Phang

Its me and my babified friend of all time,Syed a.k.a Ah Bo or Bo Bo.I want to send my many thanks to him as he was a great pal to me.He was there in the ups and downs when I was in Melbourne.Though he may be annoyying at time but I can annoy him far great than he can.All in all he is a top bloke that sticks to what he belives..Beside he does look horny in the pic.
The gals that was at the dinner...
Flo ,Navin , Me and Bo Bo.

Buntut, Kok and Babified....Some one is sleeping all the way...

After dinner in SS 2 at a italian restaurant, we ajourn our party to Navins house to surprise Flo with a birthday cake.The cake looks yummy rite..mmmm lovely...

Flo admiring her cake when the candles are dripping all over the cake...BLOW LA DUDETTE!!!
Oh wait she is making her wish!!

Flo cutting her cake the pizza man way!! lol No skill!!

The night was filled with lots of laughter with us make lots of jokes and bitching about the good old days when we were all involve in the student council.I miss those days when we all were in the council , we all had so much fun even it was so tiring.Even at times we skip classes just to get things done in the council.However, it was all fun...


My Dear Pink Monkey Boy Boy..Yes your name have been upgraded..Thank you for being part of my surprise party..Thank you also for all the comment like my pizza cutting skill..How to cut when you all make me laugh like a mad women..Thank you so much for making my birthday a memorable one this year..Luv u so much..Another thing is I was never the activies chairperson in 2004 boy..I was only the Ball Organising Chairperson..Simply simply only upgrade me..Hahaha..Till then I ll see you soon..My Pink Monkey boy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:26 AM  

Hahaha soli i really did not know, cause that time i was super blur about things. Naive and blur, cause activity chairperson will normally be the ball director hahah ok i will degrade you soon!!! =P

You are most welcomed!!!!!!!! Thank Buntut and Babified thry also put in effort..

By Blogger Blurry D, at 12:59 PM  

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

.:Sanctuary @ Curve:.

Mr Chu wanted to do something on friday night , something not the usual yam cha session that we have on a weekly basis.Reason being he woul d be starting his internship and we wont be able to see each other that often.So we headed to curve to join the rest at Laundry Bar.That place was packed full because of the battle of the band event that is held next to it.So we thought of checking out the bar upstairs. So we settled in , as it was a nice a cosy place to hang out and chill..Me and Datuk Chu.Man he look horny enough to rape me..

Oh I cant belive it!! I met Sharon Khoo!! Man i have not see her in ages and she is still as sexy as ever.I was great to catch up with her...Her tongue is darn long...Yikes!!!

The poison that numb our senses..

Us at Sanctuary!!!

Boon and Su Wei, I wonder what Su Wei is laughing at??

Sharon Sexy and Me

Me and Brather Nick

Su Wei , Chu and Me...
Wonnie and Me

The night ended with us snacking away with nuggets and fries.Plus a little dancing here and there.I was a fun night out with lots of laughter.The drinks we chilling good and it was nice to chill with my mates!!


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Friday, December 08, 2006

.:A Blast at Genting...:.

The first weekend of the December was spent on Uncle's Lim kingdom.Genting highlands was the place where the super hero gang reunited. Took a drive up.It was so misty but the weather was great as I feel so Melbourne.It was a great time, to catch up with the lost time.For some of them being 21 and able to enter the casino to gamble.We I did gamble just for the fun and I won Rm100.Not too bad for a beginner I would say.We took lots of pictures, I will let the pictures paint the story of our trip up there.
This is me killing Aunty Su Wei (Ultrawoman), I had fun doing it!!!

Eg it is all your fault I told you should have not bet that last chip of yours.Now you are broke!!! =p

Me and Boon (Ultraman) outside of Genting Hotel.

Sesi Gaying..Now thats what I called Threesome.

Su Wei with the China doll look..She look so haha Duhh

Wassup man!!! Blurry D in the house!!!!

TL , Please lose all your money fast I am getting bored!!!!

The 10 of us.Justin, Nick , Ee Way, Me , Tien Long. Eugene, Boon , Su wei, Darrel and Jared.

Nick look so frighten,The Vios that carried out heavy asses up.

I know you guys will puke but dont I look sexy!!!

Damn!! I am too tall for the theme park!!!!

Eg and me!!!

This boat is Bloody Slow...Took me forever to return to the dock..

Me and the Love Birds..

Bang ! Bang ! Lucky thing there was not any Boom!!!

A very sweet and loving UltraMan and UltraWoman

Why is my car on the stage??

Me and the Love birds again!!
Eg is my man!! Bad Boys for Life!!!

A brotherhood photo..Brothers for life..

The camera man at Work....

Me and Ee way and Nick...

Another shot about the 10 monkeys who terrorise Genting..

Private gaying session with Boon..

Bottom Ups!!!!!! Hic Hic

I dont know how to describe this photo..It is just ermm too obsecene..*Censored*

A beautiful picture of us after screw from the corkscrew!!!


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