Friday, August 31, 2007

.:MAC vs PC:.

Hmm should I MAC or PC?????


Get a mac bro..!!!

By Anonymous Kenneth Tan, at 8:46 PM  

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

.:Simponsize ME!!:.

How would I look like if I were a character in Simpson?

I look so nerdy !!! Cool eh??

So Simpsonsize yourself today @ Simpsonsize me!

Have fun!!!


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.:Early semester has come and gone:.

I always have thought that e-bay is a site where people sell second hand stuff and fake stuff.Normally it would be better of just buying it at the store.Beside when I don't have a pay pal account so I never did bothered trying it out.However, recently I found the beauty of e-bay and pay pal.They work superb together.

I have not come to a point where I am selling item over e-bay but there is heaps to but out there.It comes with a slight risk but you can always return the items and have a full refund if you are unsatisfied with it.In recent weeks, I have been bidding and purchasing a number of items from e-bay.So far it has been doing business with people over e-bay.Pay pal just make it easier to receive and pay item even with online shops.

That was random but that's what I have been up to here and there.3rd week of my final semester has ended.Its fast and thing are going to pick up real soon.Soon I am going to drink Red Bull by the gallons to keep me awake.I hope I am going to enjoy this last semester in Melbourne.I have been really lazy getting my finger to blog.There were a couple of things I wanted to blog about by I never did get around doing it.

I am getting sleepy already so I am going to head to bed soon.I will post up pictures on my recent trip to Sydney when I have the mood to do so.Have a great weekend all of you.

"2 is better than 1 that's why 2 is special"


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