Thursday, June 29, 2006

.:Hold On:.

Life is never easy.Shit happends to everyone and there is no escaping from the ups and downs in life. We will always enjoys the peak in our lives but never the low times in our life. Things has not been very easy going for me.New enviroment, new campus and basically a new life.4 months has passed and I pull throught it all.The last 4 months would be a period of time in my life that I will not cease to forget.I learn a lot and exprience a whole lot.I began to make me wonder no matter how bad life could be there will always be joy in it.Even in the most trying momments hold on, hang in there and dont give up.Learn from the difficult momments and believe me you will learn a whole lot more.

Couple of things in life can make you to be in the most difficult position.One very clear example is Love. It makes the world go round but it also can drive you up the wall. Just like what happend my friend named N.She is in her second year and just transfered to Monash Australia just like me.A nice gal with an easy going personality. N was aquainted to this guy named R through her circle of friends.Within a few days after knowing each other she spend most of her time with R.One thing leads to another, they fell in Love with each other.N really liked R and so she initiate a relationship with R.R agreed but R do still hang on very much to his ex-girlfriend whom is in Perth.N didnt mind as she was in the best days of her entire life with R and also the fact that R seems to be more in Love with N.R was a nice and great person too.However, things changed after 2 days the realationship started.Somehow R, just dump N with and gave excuse that he still have a feeling for his ex- girlfriend.N was devestated.N trusted R very much.N was ready to give up her life to R.N did nothing wrong as she loved R with all her heart.According to N she said that the 2 days that she spent with R was just heavenly.She mention that she will never forget the times when R held her close to keep her warm and R's kisses were so sweet.R's actions gave N so much warmth that she never had felt before. I always caught N dazing through the day in uni.She had no appitiate and her eyes bag were seriously bad.I assume that she cries herself to sleep every night. N is still very hurt by what R did till today, but she held on and kept her cool real good.N still go for classes and did her assignments.I admire her strength and her perserverance even with a broken heart she went on walk and not looking behind.

The tale above is not fictional it really happend.Well, it is ever happend to me I think I will take forever to recover.N was very bold to keep aside her feeling and do what she needs to do.I greatly admire her attitude towards life.I learn that even in the trying momments learn to hang in there and move on.Dont cry over spill milk.Tomorrow is yet to come and it might be a good day after all.Whatever happends to you someone out can have it much worst than you.So be greatful to the God above that you are still breathing and living in this world.Hold on........

P/S : FF hope this entry can help you feel better..

"Hold on, if you feel like letting go.Hold on,it gets better than you know"
~Good Charlotte~


Some ppl are much stronger, some are weaker...

Yes, whatever happens, we should hold on... It's during the period of healing that is most painful. And it is during these times thatyou feel like giving up coz it's too painful...

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

.:Return of Blurrie D:.

Hi mates!!

I am back blogging , complaining and ranting.Took some time to align my thoughts.However, I back at my motherland.I have nothing to blog for now.So come back soon!!!



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