Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.:The Winter Winds:.

The winds today blew at 34.59 knots.Thats equivalent to 64 km/h.Seems like winter is coming in a rush I suppose. The coldest time of the year has made its way here.A period where the sun is non- existent for days or weeks for that matter.Gloomy days is all you get.It does not snow here only up in the mountains but the bitter cold winter in Melbourne can be as low as -1 degrees.

I just finished my final 50% exam for Psychology, I reckon it went alright.I praying hard that I pass that unit.I really want to graduate but the end of the year.So far so good.

I have been very lazy.Hence the lack of updates.I just don't know why.Plus my badminton hours has been reduced from 14 hours a week to only 8 hours. I am itching for a game right now, but there is no one that is interested in playing a game with me.So I am blogging, when I don't know what to blog about.My thoughts are clouded decision that I need to make.Plus I can't make a decision until God reveals something to me.I just hate when the road ahead is all fogged up.I pray that the latest PR conditions are favourable to me.

"Faith is more than saying I believe"


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

.:I Fell:.

Ouch!!! However it was a good experience. Just today I had my first badminton tournament in Melbourne.As you can tell from the title,I lost.It was very disappointing as I was very bullish that I could have at least reach to the finals or at least the runner-up.I did not sleep well the night before.Hence, I was not in form.Nevertheless, I should not push the blame to other things.I am somewhat happy too.The experienced that I gained was precious.Now at least I have a good feel on what is to be in a tournament.I have train so hard the past few months.It will all worth it even if I did not succeed in winning the tournament.I still have a lot of chance and I should be looking forward to it.

I cant believe it that the end of the semester is drawing to a close.Week 13 is around corner and of all horror.Final exams!! Time flies.Finally finished all my assignments and now taking a breather before I take a permanent residence in the Mathesons Library.Pray that everything will go well and I will be in my last semester and in turn graduate which move on to do something.


yeap yeap u can do better in the next tournament=)
yeah...time FLEW pass like nobody's business......... 13 weeks just went *poof*
All d best wf ur studies n God bless ya=)
tk carez ^^

By Blogger Rachel, at 9:51 PM  

Yea I will try to do better.However upcoming tournaments will be harder.Same with you God bless in your studies

By Blogger Blurry D, at 10:47 PM  

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Monday, May 14, 2007

.:A crazy weekend:.

My weekends normally starts on Fridays.Last Friday was just my usual 4-hour badminton session.So there is nothing special about it.However, Saturday was a real blast! I meet up with Ashley to attend a career exhibition at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.Plus we had someone I would say unique who joined us at the exhibition. His name is Joel who is Ashley's neighbour from Singapore. He is here for a vacation.An ultimate total wacko!! You will know what I mean when you scroll down and see his photos. Overall top bloke with lots to say.

This is Joel with his fallen sausage...

He is loving Melbourne.
Pole Dancing.. =P

Ashley must have spotted something handsome!!

Spare me a penny?
Joel, Ash and me @ SouthBank

The career exhibition, to me was a total disappointment.Couple of reasons is that the exhibition sucked so badly was the fact there were so few advertising and marketing companies.On top of that,it seems that even the consulting companies like Accenture did not even take part in the exhibition.Companies which were present were most city councils and university.I felt that going there was really was a waste of my time.Anyhow, I did make an effort to have a look at other careers.
That guy actually lifted the other guy from a sleeping position to a standing position.

Both very blur people.

Later on, we had a drink at Max Brenner and chatted.Joel, was doing most of the talking where Ashley and myself were plain laughing at him.Josephine joins and later we made our way to dinner at Seoul Garden.We join up with Michael, John and Charlotte which are all from Planet Shaker City Church.

Drink Me!!!!! Slurp!!!

Michael seems to be upset with John.

I don't know who took this and also don't know what am I doing.
Josephine with her Chop Sticks.

Michael might look a wee bit scary but he is a great guy..

Feeding time!!!!
Joel artistic shot, he is a photographer with a camera..

Who stole Ashley's dumpling?? =P

*Sneezes* Bless you!!!

They are having fun I suppose?
I think it's only Joel that's having fun (Dont know what he is up to)

3 Pretty ladies
Jos and me. She's leaving soon.

Us at Seoul Garden..

After dinner, all of us excluding Micheal and John went for a movie in Hoyts at Melbourne Central.The movie was none other than Spiderman 3.There are critics about the movie but I find the movie good and very worth while watching.

The following day was mother's day which was a day that I will take part in Mother's day Special run.It is a charity run for Breast cancer research and I have have the privilege taking part in it.I did the 4 KM run in which I finish at about 19 over minutes.

My race number.

I did the race for my mummy and both my granny.

I *Heart* Mummy!!!


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

.:I just remembered to breathe...:.

Finally!! I am having a little breather.Phew!! Weeks of assignments has really left me dry.Having said that, another round of being choked by assignment is coming up and I am making full use of this so called breather.My next upcoming assesment is a killer. A 40% individual assignment.In which I only have a bit more than a week before the submission date.The thought of having a 20% individual assignment is breath taking enough.Imagine the amount of damage it would do with a 40% individual assignment. My life is going to be shorten by decades.

It is finally here!!! My new Toy!!!

It is the latest racket from Yonex, The Yonex Armortech 900 Technique!! This racket is used by many players.Names like Taufik Hidayat, Sigit Burdiarto and Cai Yun. I was given the privileged to try out the racket and in an instant I fell in love with the racket. It is just a very awesome racket. It is such a fast racket that I just want my opponent to attack me all the time.It cost me a bomb but I did got it for a discount.

Now, I have been pondering about what should my next move be.I am just seriously unsure if I am able to get a Australian PR.I really want to.Seems like I have been getting a lot of negative feedback from a lot of people that I might not be able to get it.I have run of out ideas on what is needed to be done.Hence, I am going to trust you Lord.Send me I will go.I do not want go against Your will.

On top of that, there is something else in my mind. Sometimes there is a golden opportunity comes your way you just do not want to admit it.You somehow choose to believe that you are not that lucky.I am sure that everyone had that moment before.I am in it. I don't know, I am just utterly confused by it.I really don't know what is it that's troubling me.Whatever it is, its stuck there in my head. Lingering in my thoughts for a while already.I just don't know.What's right and what's wrong.I wish I knew.Anyhow, I should take a breather and run the last round of assignments and start my revision. Seems like it is a never-ending wheel of life.


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

.:My Arsenals of War!!!:.

As you all may know, my passion for badminton is an undying one.Till the extend I don't mind playing the game on a everyday basis. Currently I spend 14 hours a week just on badminton.Many would think that badminton is a backyard game which you play at picnics.If you do think so then you are very wrong.Badminton is an internationally recognised sport.It is even played at the Olympics games.

Being a badminton player you need equipment to play the game.Equipment such as a badminton racket, shuttles and shoes.Here I am going to show you what I normally bring to my badminton session.

Here is my Yang Yang badminton bag.It is a 3 compartment bag that is able to fit 12 racket.Its a big bag that allows me to stuff a lot of stuff inside.Plus, it is has a double strap backpack that give me mobility unlike the usual sling back which can be a pain in the neck.

The first compartment stores my rackets. The second , middle ones stores my medical kits which houses for quick remedies for sport injuries , shuttlecocks, grips, strings and my thermal jacket.The last compartment is to store my shoes, new change of clothes and dirty ones too.

I have a total of 8 rackets.Some people think its crazy to have such a huge amount of rackets.Trust me I have seen someone who have more than 50 over rackets. Its like playing each point with a different racket.Having said that I do wish to acquire more rackets but I don't have any money at the moment. Here a run through of the name and the make of each racket.Start with the racket on the left.

1. Prince Whip Lite 700
2.Yang Yang Nano Sensation 100
3.Yang Yang Nano Sensation 80 (Unstrung)
4.Yang Yang Nano Sensation 80
5.Yonex Ti 10 Titanium Mesh Long SP
6.Yonex Blacken B-8100 SP
7.Pro Badminton Academy 2005 ( Frame Snapped)
8.Apacs Nano 9000 Speed

My favourite rackets would be the Yonex Ti 10 Titanium Mesh Long SP and Yang Yang Nano Sensation 80.The Yonex Ti 10 Titanium Mesh Long SP is the exact same racket that is used by newly crowned Malaysian doubles men champions, Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong. Here are some close ups of the racket.It is an amazing racket with tons of control and superb power.It is also my most expensive racket that I ever bought. RM 530.

My second favourite racket would be of the lightest racket that I have ever used the Yang Yang Nano Sensation 80.Its a racket that feels like you are wielding a racket that's made of feathers.It is very light compared to the others that I have.It lacks power,but for control and placing play its a marvellous racket.Here are the close ups of the racket.

The Prince Whip Lite 700. Needless to say a racket that have been with me for aeons.I got this racket when I was 9 years old!! Its have been with me for the competitions when I was in primary , secondary school and college. Its a solid racket that can never seems to break. I am still very amazed that it last for 12 years.

Shoes are very important to any sports players.It can elevate a sportsman game play to an unimaginable level.So here we go.My Asics Gel Indoor shoes. This is also the exact same shoe used by Nicole David , the Malaysian Squash Queen. Just that she has the one in red and mine is blue. An awesome shoes. It can really take all the stress that I pound on it. Great traction on the courts which does not make me slide all over the court.

Lastly, my medical kit..

So that's all for today.If you want to know more about badminton and how beautiful the game is or you just want to know more about the stars in the sport please do visit:


lu siao ah?


-John Wee-

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:53 PM  

Not siow enough !!!

By Blogger Blurry D, at 9:39 AM  

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