Friday, August 08, 2008


Have you ever felt so trapped. Lost.Uncertain. Situations where you have to make decisions but, you can't seems to make up your mind on certain decisions. Every turn is a dead end. The light at the end of the tunnel was never an exit, just the headlights of an on coming train.I do, at times feel that I am head on to oblivion.Undecided about the things around me.

Not overly emotional, just that there are things that I need to sort and it have been bordering me.I beginning to lose my motivation in my work. I dread to go to work almost everyday. There have been so much drama that is going on at work. At times I wonder why did I sign up for all these unnecessary drama.I will not go into details here.

Anyways, the opening ceremony for the Olympics 2008, was spectacular. The amount of people that participated in the event was just breath taking.Well for the country of China human resource is never a problem. I only was able to see 12 over minutes of the opening ceremony, it was already spectacular. The only event that will catch my attention would be badminton. I truly wish that our shutters will deliver a gold medal in this Olympics.It would be wonderful to finally grab a Gold medal once and for all.

Another shout out to Stuart Gomez of the Australian Badminton Team. Will be supporting you all the way. I know that it is kinda sad you have to face Eli on the preliminaries.Do your best!!!!! Let God do the rest...

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Hey bro, hope things work out for you asap. :)

Take care - John Wee

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