Tuesday, October 23, 2007

.:Hillsongs Conference 2007:.

About 2 months ago I set my journey to the great metropolitan city of Sydney to be a delegate of Hillsongs Confrence 2007.It exceeded my expectations, I am awestruck by everything God has blessed the church and Christians.My little journey started on the 2nd of July 2007.I woke up a t 5.30 to get ready and head to Melbourne airport where I will board a plane to Sydney.Together with Ashley we travel from Clayton to the Southern Cross Station by train and then a the Sky bus to the airport.

Upon landing, I took some marvelous picture of the Metropolitan of Sydney which was awesome.

We then headed to, a backpackers lodge in the city called YHA.After settling down I made my jouney to the Acer Arena in Olympic Park which was the venue of the conference.The train system in Sydney is nothing compared to Melbourne.It is utterly confusing, more than that the trains aren't that clean and they are extremely dodgy.I was shocked to see that as I always pictured that Sydney in all its glory would have a something better than what Melbourne has.I was there early and there were heaps of people lining up and stuff like that.I was too lining up to get my ticket that was lost in the mail replaced.I stood there more more than one and half hours before I actually got my tickets.The first night rally has already started and I was still queuing up to get my tickets.

Later on, I contacted Ashley and we proceed to the public queue that was open to everyone.Once I stepped into the arena.I was awestruck, not by the spirit but by the ammount of people that was in that arena.I was packed full.There were like a lot of people and I think it was around 20,000 people who were there.The cut things short here are the videos of what happened on 5 day of conference.

Day 1 : Monday

Day 2: Tuesday

Day 3: Wednesday

Day 4: Thursday

Day 5: Friday

The conference was more than just an eye opener.It was very powerful.I am just speechless for words every time a speaker goes up on the stage and speak.I have been changed.Its not all hype but truly I have been different.It is marvelous to be apart of the kingdom of God.

For more pictures, please visit my flickr site..


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

.:The Beast!!:.

Yonex Armortech 700 by far is the most used racket by professionals today.Living legends like Lin Dan, Markis Kido, Tong Gunawan, Chandra Wijiaya and Lee Wan Wah choose this racket as their choice of weapon. The head heavy balance does not just make it a powerful racket but a beast! It's great racket that has proven to be one of the best.Many have commented that it will be one that will uphold the racket of the century after the previous Yonex Carbonex series.

This is a gift for my birthday and Yonex no longer produce this racket in this colour any more. Below are some pictures of the beast!! It is an awesome racket!!


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Monday, October 08, 2007

.:Double 2's:.

Happy Birthday to Me!!! I am 22 already. It has been a year since and I am no longer a kid.Oh well, time flies and we all go older.I been a while since I updated my blog.That's right a long while.Basically, one word summaries it all. I am "Lazy".Hence there are no updates, simple as that.

Many have asked me "How do you feel being 22?". Now that's a good question! Most of the time I would answer "I don't know, feels the same". However, having a good thought at it does give me an basic idea of what have changed in me in the past year or so.Significantly I personally think that my relationship with God has gone to another whole new level. I owe it to a lot of people who had nurtured me.My parents, church , Urban Life members , Hau wei my leader and Ashley.I boldly say that because I have found position on Him and claim His promises in my life.So far, I know that He has been faithful to me and in faith I believe in Him who has sustained me till this very day.

I sincerely thank all my friends that that stood by me till this very day.It is an honour being your friends with you (You know who you are).God has bless me with wonderful and understanding parents. Parents who are also able to provide me with everything that I need.Also, God has bless me with a wonderful girlfriend Ashley, who has been understanding and faithful.She is too my support when I fall and has been awesome girlfriend to me.Love ya baby!

On the 3rd of October 2007, was a quiet but a very eventful day for me.The night before me and Ash has dinner at Mexican Cantina which one of the worst dinner I had.The dinner too so long to be served and we were rushing to a movie - Rush Hour 3.The next day me and Ash drove to Melbourne Sport and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) to collect my birthday present.It was a racket- Yonex Armortech 700 old colour which is no longer in production and it is used but World Champion such as Peter Gade and Lin Dan.Thank Baby!!! Upon collecting the racket I was able to meet Aji Sindoro who is an Indonesian badminton player , who currently plays for Australia.A doubles specialist that was trained by Rexy Mainaky. I had a hit with him and he is an awesome mate.

Me and Aji

Ashley and Aji

Having a hit with the Pro himself.

Imagine if have one of those shirt and they print my surname on it.

Later that night, I had group discussion.Then I head over to Campus Walk for my Urban Life.The donut cake was great!! Thanks Veronica and all who was present there to celebrate my 22nd birthday.Thank you all for the Birthday wishes and truly appreciate all your thoughts.



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