Wednesday, February 15, 2006

.:Silent Night, is a Lonely Night:.

I feel lonely. I just can’t wait to start class because I get to know friends. The reason why I am lonely is because my housemate are couples so they spend most their time together and for me I am always left alone to watch movie or camp in my room. They are really nice people just that I wish I had some friend that I can talk to or someone to spend some personal time with me. I really wish my baby was here cause it is really fun cooking and washing your own clothes. Sigh I hate AMIST too!!!!!! The suburb that I live in is called Clayton which also known as Monash City. Monash in Australia is really something not like Malaysia where there is just a building. Here in Clayton even dustbins are labeled “Clayton, City of Monash”. Nevertheless, my campus is in Berwick, 9 train stop from Clayton train station which is around 20 plus kilometers from Clayton. I am thankful that the university provides free shuttle bus to Berwick if not it will cost me a bomb to travel there on a daily basis. I know some people have mention to me that Berwick campus is small and not exciting. I will not agree to that because I feel that Berwick campus is great place to study. The campus is not as small as I thought it would be it is actually 2 to 3 times much bigger than Sunway campus. On top of that, there is place called the “Quadrangle” in the campus that you are able to chat and also study. It is basically a garden in the middle of the campus. The interior of the campus is futuristic and contemporary which really adds to the whole environment of a good place to study. State of the art lecture halls and futuristic toilets are something I would really like to have. It came with high price of course.


Ooo.. That garden thing reminds me of the toilet at one of the stops here in Malaysia's North-South Highway. Whenever I travel to Penang, my folks will always stop at this PLUS rest area with a kickass toilet. Surrounding a very nice garden with in-built pond are the urinals and shower heads. Very nice place to sit down and relax. Well, that is if u dun mind the pissing strangers all around u.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

.:Valentine in the City of Melbourne:.

I got up early this morning to prepare breakfast. Felt so stupid because I am clueless in using certain things. Well, I guess it is the punishment for not preparing breakfast for a long time. After breakfast I had to get ready cause I need to go to Berwick to enroll and register myself. Met a few familiar faces there, gosh I am so happy to see them there. Once I enrolled I headed down to the student union lounge for a free lunch. I had Pizza and it was delicious. Next, I took a train all the way to the heart of Melbourne. It will be a long journey there so I slept throughout the whole journey. Once I step foot out of Flinders Street Station I felt like I have return to civilization. The suburbs are really quiet. So I walked to Collins Street to get an Australian bank account. There were few banks to choose from like Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and Australian National Bank. After much thought, I decide to go with Westpac because it has the best logo. You might think I am crazy to do that but to tell you the truth I am just a student and I don’t think I need special account. So, I would think that all the back will sort of offer the same banking product. I had a motif to come to city and the motif was not to open a bank account or anything else. My real motif was to fill my tummy with the tasty Vietnamese Beef noodle. Mekong the name of the restaurant was my next destination. I ordered a large beef special noodle and made myself a glutton. That fulfilling bowl of noodle actually took a bit of time. So, when we step out of the restaurant most of the shop are shutting down already and that was just 5.00 pm. Nevertheless, I went to the state library and guess what I saw there.

Doing it in public!!!!!


I guess that guy studied public relations...

By Anonymous David, at 10:40 PM  

You know what !!! I am taking Public Relations as a submajor a.k.a a minor.......

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 1:22 PM  

thats cool hahaha... seriously wat i call cannot be bothered with wat ppl think

By Blogger na, at 9:40 PM  

Huh what do you mean call??

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Monday, February 13, 2006

.:Departure hall- part 3:.

Mixed feelings again!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!! Be gone!!!!! I am so excited yet so sad that I am leaving my dear baby, family and friends. I really wished that I can pack all of them and bring them along. Less than 3 hours more I will be on my way to the airport, pondering what it is going to be like there. After countless hours of packing I finally was able to zip up my 30 kilogram luggage for good. Boy was it a tiring job. So time caught up, and I was time for me to leave home. I was filled with a mixture of feelings and thoughts. Arriving at the airport I checked in and spend sometime with my family. Minutes passed and my friends came and we had our last dinner and last face to face chat. While sitting and waiting I met with familiar faces that are also heading to Melbourne. As for my long winded parents they keep on reminding me again and again about so many things that I can hardly keep track of. On top of that, my dad keeps rushing me to go. Grrrrrr, I wish he could stop doing that and let me spend sometime with my friends and him. Anyways, 8.15 pm came and I had to go. I exchanged hugs with my friends and headed down to the immigration counter. Tears began to stream but I was holding it back. Pass the immigration counter I called my baby, chatting with her makes me just evermore emotional. I was so heavy hearted. While walking into the gate I was so surprise to meet someone that I least expected to see. It was Ms. Gahzala Khan!!!!!! She was on her way to see her supervisor in Clayton. Gosh!!! I was so happy to see her. She is really nice and she is my favorite lecturer in Monash so far. Boarded the plane. Ate dinner. Took a glass of Australian wine. I am still awake. So I am blogging on the plane with my laptop. Oh ya!!! I had forgotten!!! Guess who is sitting beside me? Ms Lydia Minjoot. Man it is freaky to enough leave the same time and leave on the same plane. Anyways, want to know how she got upgraded from Economy class to Business class check her blog cause she is blogging as I speak.

My family that I will always Cherish!!!!!

Brothers from diffrent mothers!!!!!

Beauties and the beast!!!!!

Two stooges in Business Class!!!!


hey lo kong, i miss u soooo much...:( thank god i did not cry when u left..i must learn to be strong. i still remember when you sang to me 'never let you go' a few days before u left or wuz it a day b4 u left? i play it constantly because it reminds me of you and your love. i love u so much...i just wish we can be together NOW. take care. love u babyyy!!!

ps: i love ur gift so much...thanks baby..muakzmuakz

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

.:Departure hall- Part 2:.

So it is Thursdays, filled with mixed feelings that I am going to leave for Australia in 2 days time. I never thought that it would come to that day that I would leave home for a long time. So I was busy trying to get everything ready as soon as possible, so that I would not panic on Sunday. My mum asked me to keep the day free as she wanted to have a family dinner. At around 5.00 pm I left my house to meet Lydia Minjoot to discuss the framework for our Pre-4. Pik Tze was supposed to join us but she could not make it. While we were going to wrap up the discussion I got a call from home. I was utterly surprise to find out that Pik Tze is in my house in tears. I was deep in thought as to why is Pik Tze doing in my house while my sister explains to me that she is in tears. So, Lydia and I got up and drove to my house eagerly to find out what is going on. As I swing open my door, I saw my sister consoling Pik Tze. As soon as I step foot in to the house Pik Tze got up and walked to the centre of the hall telling me that she has something to tell me. I did not really pay attention to her as I was pondering on the fact that the sofa was moved to another corner and the coffee table was not to be seen. Shockingly I saw a banner hanging on my curtain rails saying “Adrian & Lydia, We will be missing you”. In an instant I knew that everything was a setup and I was tricked.I was screaming because I could not believe that anyone would throw me a surprise party. I was speechless.Thank you Pik Tze for organizing the whole party I really appreciate it……

Picture of people who are leaving except Pik Tze


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.:Departure Hall ~ Part 1:.

I know I have not been updating for a long time. My apologies, I was really busy. A month has passed when I got my offer letter to go to Aussie. Damn was I happy. I was so hysterically that my neighbor thought a robber broken into our house. 3 weeks has passed and the amount of time spent on doing assignments, studying for exams and preparing to go to Aussie rob most of my time. 77 hours more or less I will be at the airport waving good byes to my fellow friends and family. Sad as it is, but can I do there some sacrifices I need to take. Thoughts of what will it be in Aussie haunts me at times. However, there are also exciting thoughts that is filled with adventure gallivanting Australia and studying in foreign land. I am going to miss a lot of things in Malaysia, the food, the people and the luxuries that I have here. On the other hand, it is also a blessing for heaven above that I am able to pursue my studies in Australia.I am going to miss everyone......................


we will miss u too and for thanks for sharing in our cg and we will miss u all the best to u in your study remember us in your prayer and we will never forget u

By Anonymous min ying, at 5:42 PM  

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