Thursday, August 24, 2006

.:A night with Mr. A to Z:.

Jason Mraz, I just love his songs.His grooves and tune just make things happy for me.Thankfully , I was given a chance to see him live. Man it was great. The concert was held at Prince of Wales Hotel.As usual, I went there early with my mates Justin and Kai Yau.Got in line and waited for like 30 minutes.The wait was not that long.However, the guest star was so boring.Her name was emily and her song were so dead.Anyhow I had to be patient, so I wait for her to finish her moaning session and finally the star of the night was out.

His songs were mostly unplugged and inprompt to.It sounded so good and the groove was just amazing.The marvelous part is that he does not even have a full band.Just him, bassist and Toca the percussionist.Thats all.Man it really was awesome.A cool dude that can sing, make jokes and play the guitar.The best part is that he incorprates jokes into the songs and its totally imprompt to.

Me , Justin and Kai Yau @ Prince of Wales @ Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz and Toca the bloody good percussionist

Jason Mraz Rocking it..

So where is my Booze dude?

Here is video of him playing a song called " I aint got no dough" Enjoy!!!! A must to watch!!!!

The second video is calles Unfold......It is sweet song...

The Remedy medley with Wonderwall...

This is After an afternoon.....Lovely song

"I aint got no dough,all I got is my forty.I aint got nobody baby i can call my shorty"


Hey, didn't know you blog too!!!

Whee, jason mraz ROCKED!!! :)

Especially the proposal part!! :P

-hui wen-

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

.:Hating Tuesdays:.

***Warning!!! This post is rated M+, for mature audiences only***

I am so going to make a movie out of the title.Please allow me to use the mother(or father) of profanity.I FCUKING HATE TUESDAYS. Audrey W., I know how you feel when you say Tuesdays sucks! I am so going to tell you why Tuesdays are Mother of Fuck-Ups.

1) I have to wake up at 6.50 am on Tuesdays. I know for some people it is a norm.Its not for me cause every Monday night is the most difficult night to fall asleep.I normally have my shut eye around 12 on Monday nights but I will always end up sleeping at 3 am. It takes me 3 whole hours to fall asleep.Point is I drank no coffee i had no afternoon naps.My body is dead tired but I just cant fall asleep. I end up playing with frogger.He and his big eyes just stares back.

2)I am known for one thing when it comes to attending classes.I dont skip them naturally.I declare classes are canceld as if I am the lecturer.Alrite that is when I am lazy.However when I am on the extreme hardworking end classes will be cancled by the lecturer due to some unfortunate reasons.Yes it happend again today.

3)I am always rushing on Tuesdays.Even if it is organised carefully.Somehow itwill turn ulgy.

4)Bad things happends on this very unfortunated day.Weeks back I fell off the bike on this very day. For 2 consecutive weeks I missed claseses that was important cause I overslept.Just last week there was a close war between me and a dear friend unintentionally.

That's all. 4 reasons is all I need to declare Tuesdays are hell.I am not a demanding person I dont need 10 reasons.Sigh!!!

"Tell me what can you when it all falls apart?"
The Veronicas


hoho..first time seeing you curse in your blog

By Blogger Mischique, at 12:54 PM  

YaYY.. we are friends..hahha.. i fucking hate tuesday too..

By Blogger PoSHDeViL, at 10:57 PM  

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Friday, August 18, 2006


I realised that I have tons of it.All all started when I was in primary school.As you all know that I have a unique surname "Kok". Just imagine , how badly I was bombarded with people calling me names.

Kacang Panjang (Long Bean)
This nickname was give by my primary 3 science teacher just because I am tall and way skinny

Kok Kok Kai (Chicken in Cantonese)
Classmates in primary called me this because of my surname.I was so sad one day cause I was being bullied , I asked my mum if i could change my name.

This was because of geography.When the teacher ask where Bangkok my class mate pointed at me.Happend on primary something.

Simply because some of my chinese classmate cant pronouce my name.On top of that , the old clothing line called "Alien Workshop" was in trend.

Drain (Longkang)
Some people are blind and I dont blame them.It's DRIAN short for aDRIAN.Get it!

Skinny Kok
I dont think I need to explain this rite.Happend in secondary school.

PK (Pook Kai)
Just because my middle name's initals were PK.

Pui Pui
That's my pet name.People like my nanny and close realtives calls me this.

Kou lou (Tall man in cantonese)
I am 6 feet tall.

Though I have a plushie by that name.It was given to me, cause I broke the school record for high jump.

Blurry D
Sarah Lim's idea to called me blurry cause I am always blur.However , I added the D to make look cooler.

Brenda Sim gave this to me because she say i look like the kid in some TVB drama.

Nick Chew awarded me with this name as I had mood swings

Pou Kong (Punctured Skull)
This was all Wai Kiat's fault. He called me that cause it sound like my middle name Pui Khong.

I am one at times.

I eat like one. So my housemates called me so.

Dugong Kok
A name that i gave to myself when I had fetish over Dugongs.

Walking Jagung (Corn)
Gareth Yong's impression of me when I wore a bright yellow T-shirt.

Adriana Kok
The female version of me.

Ah Kok
My housemate calls me this but is sounds cool to me.

That's all folks.I do have a few more nicknames but I have forgotten already. If you do remember remind me about it.


wow u do have many nicknames! mind telling me your full names so i'll think a new nick for u.. as if you don't know who am i, i'm your housemate (reagan)cousin sis. i did saw your comments on my blog too. hehe won't mind me leaving a comments right. oh btw juz call me fiona.

By Blogger life of a lonely girl., at 9:32 PM  

oH no worries..haha just ask reagan what my fullname is haha i am lazy to tell you...heheh

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 9:49 PM  

You forgot "pea-kok"... because its as small as a...

By Blogger ikewauhc, at 2:32 PM  

It might be small but i have 2 of it :P

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 3:53 PM  

you forgot...
1.horny kok
2.sezy kok
3.small kok
4.the best Kok Senget...


By Blogger Syed Ibrahimsha Ameen, at 4:53 PM  

Oi! Brother! How can u forget our one we call u!


flasher sial!

By Anonymous Vincent T, at 1:00 AM  

Hamsap COCK.... lol... u forget the name i give you.. cockroach lol... sorry adrian... :P the worse thing u let me know is letting me know your sur name hahaha... Adrian COCK.... sorry to play with ur surename :P keekee... my name not good either... lol...

By Blogger --KIYOSHI--, at 1:21 AM  

Lol... Yea see i have more nick names so of them I cant even think of.. Thanks guys you make me whole....

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 5:21 PM  

omg O_o that's a lotta nick names wei ahahaha.... pea-cock *hee*

By Blogger grace_t, at 12:53 AM  

Haahaha Yea!!! hehe life if fun so having a more nick names just make things more fun hehehe. Spread some love around..

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 9:56 AM  

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

.:Old Tunes of Music:.

I am considered a late bloomer.I am slow in most things but one that has always been with me is MUSIC.Its my passion,emotions and life.While surfing on YouTube i stumble upon a video clip that brought back memories.The good old days.Please do watch the video

That video clip sparked so much memories of the past.I smiled and thought of the times where I was crazy about Back Street Boys, Blink 182 , Spelender, N'Sync , Spice Girls,911,98 Degrees,Greenday,Eagle Eye Cherry, Third Eye Blind, Semisonic, Matchbox 20, Mr Big , Creed , BabyFace , Brian Mckinght, Gil , Moffats, Five and so many more.Times when I so wanted to be a rock stars.The days where music was so pure as it were.During those days Prodigy and Beaties Boys were called weird.However they still are.How much music has evolved is also the extended that I have changed.Looking back I miss the music back then.The 90's music was as good as it was.

This song reminds so much of my first crush back in primary school.This song was like a top hit 12 years ago but still a very nice song indeed.I never knew I would stumble upon something so ancient.

This video rocks, it was one of the first video that motivated me to play X-games.Dont ask me why, it was a song that was played so frequent along with skaters.Looking back i am gald i am still alive after countless accidents that i had when i was much younger.

This was just good when i was young man it was the sweetest love song at that time.Well after looking at it, i think it still sounds great.As sweet was I sang it when i was in love..Haha man what an old school song.

"Let the music heal your soul, Let the music take control"
Bravo All Stars - Let The Music Heal Your Soul


ohmigod!!! how did u find this? all my high school memories are with these boybands sial... love the song let the music heal your soul sooo much!!

By Blogger PoSHDeViL, at 9:39 PM  

Wow thats a very nice song!! hearing these song does bring back memories for those who heard before.. hehe i soo loved the music heal your soul!!! haha thanks..

By Blogger life of a lonely girl., at 10:06 PM  

Yea..these songs are dem nice sweet as ever...miss those teen days of mine..miss it so much...

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 11:40 PM  

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Monday, August 14, 2006

.:Crib on Dennis Street:.

My little rented house situated in a street called Dennis Street.A small suburban house in the City of Monash. Below are some pictures that you can have a peek at.

This is my aussie crib.It is 30 over years old but it has been recently renovated.So most of the stuff inside the house is pretty new.
This the entrance to the house,a typical aussie kind of house.

My mess room or lair with heaps load of junks thrown here and there.A guys room

The family that lives on Dennis Street.Fiona, Myself,Vinson Yuki, Reagan.They are people who make me feel warm in the coldest winter.
Note: Fiona and Vinson dont live on Dennis but they are part of the family.

Visit these othe 2 links for more elaborate story of the dennis family:



Ahh.. From the outside the house looks cosy and nice!! You called that messy room??!! Mine's even worse... I'm probably the untidiest gal in the whole wide world!!

By Blogger fun fun ^_^, at 3:46 PM  

Well that is just a glimpse only..

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 10:54 PM  

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Monday, August 07, 2006

.:What's Left of Me:.

Life is struggle.Sometimes I wonder why do we have to make decisions.Every decision that I make seems to be a wrong one.Nothing seems to work out the way I want it to be.I am always at the wrong place at the wrong time.God's equation of life seems to be much different that mine.My equation is to get from point A to B in straight line. God wants me to pass point C then along point Z make a U-turn at point Y and circle around point K then finally reaching point B.

I watch my life pass me by.Through the thick and thin after all the years of trying I have really lost it all.A broken soul with a broken spirit.Confused and ill.This is a period of my life that is the most dreadful.I dont know what to hang on.Everything I hang on seems fall on me.I wish I can flip thing around by doing something but somehow I just dont have the spirit to do so.So broken, so weak inside.Things just get worse dont they? All I want is a simple life that I can enjoy with all my heart and soul.Still, I need to fight on.It is a must and not a choice........

In loving memory....

Thanks for all you have done
I missed you for so long
I cant belive you are gone
You still live in me
I never how was it like to be alone
You were there for me
Things has changed

Be what you are,truthfully
Ready to take the world, by storm
Every step you make, you are closer to your goal
Never cease to lose heart, God is with you
Dont let go of what you belive, it motivates you
Always hold on to what you dream of


I will be away for a while, I am sick.Plus i have a lot of work waiting for me.Piles and heaps of it.Will take some time to update.Please check back sometime later.


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