Friday, September 30, 2005


Life is a journey that many of us are sick and tired of walking. However, there are people out there that enjoy the every step they make. One of them is me. I enjoy what God has given me, even those who walk with me and pass me by. Friends. One of the greatest gifts that anyone could have but they could be a pain in the ass .It is hard to describe friends as we all take friends for different perspectives. Some say that they are people who will pass you by in your life. Many believe friends are gifts from God. A handful does not believe in friendship. A lot of people think that acquaintances can be accounted for as friends. I am not judgmental and being righteous about friends and friendship but just want to give my thoughts and opinions about it.

I am really thankful to people around that supports and call me their friends. It is because of the people I am what I am today. It is amazing to see how many of them will stick by you and many of them just throw you aside. Friends can be anyone that you keep in contact with. They can be your classmates, sports mate, church mates and colllogues. Often, we do not see the importance of friendships and friends as we all tend to take it for granted in numerous ways.

Looking back at my own life now I realized that I had a lot of acquaintances rather than real true friends. I remember my whole secondary school life, I did not have a real true friend that I can count on or share my sorrow with. Most of the times I was trying to be a friends to someone but I was always take for granted. The tables really turn when I was in college as I begin to know people that eventually became someone that is willing lend a listening ear, to smile at me and say it is ok and to lend a shoulder to cry on. I am so glad to have this group of friends. Nevertheless, when I got things caught up with me I began to neglect them because I was just too busy with other things. Not knowingly that friendship goes a long way. Countless people neglected their friends because they do not see the value of friends and friendship. I am guilty of it. So then, what do I do now? It will take time to mend to the wounds that I have caused and gave a bad impression to someone who called me their friends. Beings friends, they are willing to let the past go and move on with life and enjoy life together even though I had neglected them when they needed a hand. This is because they know the value of friendship and friends.

The way you are treated by your friends is the way you treat your friends. There is no doubt about it. To me real friends are not just people that you hang out with, play some computer games and wear the same clothes. Real friends smack you in your face and wake to up when you are straying off course. Real friends would not take too seriously about your harsh jokes (unless you had pushed it too far).Real friends are people who run to you and give you a helping hand. The world today is so complicated, it just so hard to distinguish real friends from fake ones (fake ones because they have other motives) but through time you will know who they are because they will stick with you through the thick and thin. I begin to value and treasure my friends and friendship much more when I understand the real true meaning of it all. To those who really know what is going on in my life for the past few months and stick by me? All I have to say is thank you very much for sticking by. For those, who I had lost contact with for close to 7 years, it is great to see you again and reconnect the friendship that was disconnected by time.

So what are your thoughts about friendship? What comes into your mind when the word friends come into your mind? Care to share? My perspective about friends might be a bit different than yours so tell me your experience with friends and friendship. We are all here you learn form each other.

NOTE** If there are things that you feel uncomfortable with please notify as soon as possible and shall look into it.


That is an interesting topic. Most people I consider friends are really aquaintances by definition. Maybe we say friends because it has only one syllable. Haha.

I tend to put my friends into categories. There are my family friends, like Mom; my best friends, the kind you hang out with, cry with, and what not; my church friends, aquaintances I love because of our shared faith; my college friends, the random people I talk to there but would never go out with; and lastly, my internet friends which could be sub categorized even more.

The odd thing is, I really don't think anybody is my friend except myself and God. I'm too much of a loner and people I've thought about as my friends have stabbed me in the back and cursed me when I'm down. I forgive but I never forget. It's hard to trust someone enough to make a real friend.

By Blogger Manda, at 3:34 PM  

Wow!!!! HaHaHaHa thank you for comments.Well it is hard to really trust someone as we humans fail each other but i know God will never fail me.

I think it is a give and take situation at times because you will fail your friends at some point and your friends will fail you at some point.So forgive them as they will forgive you.It is never easy to forgive but with the grace and love of our heavenly father it is possible.

By Blogger BlurrY D, at 3:56 PM  

wut u said about friendship is totally corect.well according to ur theory, i probably consider the friends i mix with is my best friend as we share most of our griefs n happiness together.
*hint*so wut do u consider me as?ur friend? an outsider?

By Anonymous Andreana, at 4:52 PM  

haha, i got something like that in my blog too.. i just revived mine... gotta admit i've not been in touch with him enough either.... haha, been caught up with allot of stuff these few months.. but yea, he's been a really good friend... caring and all =) thx man..

By Blogger Ninja, at 11:51 PM  

hmm baby...im glad u realize that friendships play an important part in our life. so i noe u'll treasure those precious friendships with ur selective few. other than that..u'll always have me as ur friend and more. i love you.

By Blogger Mischique, at 10:14 PM  

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

.:The Journey Begins Again...............:.

A very good day to you all, I bid you Welcome to my humble site.I thank you all for supporting me in my previous pursuit in Blogging.I have failed twice to get things going in my blog and the simple reason for that failure is my lazy ass who cant be bothered to update.However, I hope that I am able to update as frequent as possible in this new blog.I wish not to have a dead blog everytime when the semester ends.

I hereby launch this Blog..............*POP* *Tiny Applause with 4 people in the hall*

Sigh!!!!!!!! OK I am going to cut the formalities.This will be a short entry cause i got nothing to blog for now.The other 2 site that i currently have will be closed down officially from today onwards.It will still be up but things are not going to move there.I took sometime to design this site.Some elements are take from Retro-X the creator of the nice background picture above.Seriously,I got nothing much to say but Thank You for coming and please drop a line at my taggie or a comment.
I appreciate your effort in doing so.


hey baby glad to see ur blog is finally up and running.........for the 3rd time...hope u'll stop changing ur blog address..love u baby muakz!

By Blogger Mischique, at 5:17 PM  

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