Friday, September 14, 2007

.:Brainless people roam the Earth:.

Its true and I am not pointing finger at anyone...

Some people can be just so STUPID!!!!



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Thursday, September 06, 2007

.:I am not an Account Manager!!:.

One of the reason why I have reduced my frequency of updating my blog, is that I am taking subject called Advertising Campaigns.Essentially this subject, tries to mimic the real world situation of an advertising agency.I just finished the first advertising campaign I felt that a big load have been lifted off my back.Just hours ago was the presentation to the client (Honda) and Advertising agency (Draft FCB).

I was appointed as the Accounts Manager.In other words, the project manager.I have never been so under pressure before ever in an assignment.Though I would humbly say that I have taken the role of being the team leader in other subjects.This time things seems to be quite tough.The role of an account manager does not just manages the team but at some point you would have you do it all, from strategic planning to creative to media planning.Its a tough position if you asked me.

Cut the whole story short, me and my team along with the other teams are to create an advertising campaign on a Honda Civic Hybrid.At the end of the 8th week(this week), we are going to present it to Honda and Draft FCB(the advertising company that hold the advertising account).From there they will choose who has the best idea and workable campaign and the team will get they print advertisement published.So it was a crazy 8 weeks and we did not win the heart of the client nor Draft FCB. *sigh*

Once the winner was announced and everyone was dismissed.All my team mates seems to be giving me the cold shoulders that I did not do a good job.The debrief was short and very brief.Not the usual thing as all my team mates usually would have a lot to say and comment about everything under the roof.I gave my best.I was just not fit to become a account manager let alone leading because of the culture clash.Myself and another team mate were the only Asian and the rest were ang moh.Again, subtlety it happened and I mean racial discrimination.It's just so hard to lead those buffoons as they would not take in a single word coming from a yellow skin dude.

I vowed not the be the account manager in the next assignment.I will firmly stick to being a creative director which I am most comfortable at.I gave it my best shot, did not really hit the stars in my opinion.


aw man, don't worry about it. I'm sure it'll be a great learning experience. :)

By Blogger John, at 5:44 PM  

lol...it always churns my stomach when pitching time comes around the corner. it's no diff from being a CD than a AM. usually both roles pitch to the clients, especially on big accounts like honda. keep it up man, i think you'll get better at it in no time.

By Blogger Joshi-Porgy, at 6:21 AM  

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.:50 Years of Independance:.

I know I haven't been diligently updating my blog.I am just caught up with a lot of stuff.

Its been 50 years of independence for my dear Malaysia.I know there can be a lot of negative stuff that I could mention about, but needless to say I love my country dearly.There are things that I would always rant and get extremely frustrated about.However, I am born a Malaysian and there is nothing I can do to change that.

Malaysia also very much known as Bolehland, proud themselves with a variety of cultures and food.Comprise on 3 main race, Native Malay, Chinese that originated from China and Indians from India.Living in harmony and tolerance among each other is the pride of Malaysia.I know that for a fact that it is hottest and humid country.Nevertheless, its a food haven.

50 years is a long time.I dare say that Malaysia has developed.The usual quote that you would be very familiar would be " First world infrastructure , third world mentality". To some extend I do not really agree to it as it only applies to a small fracture of people in the country.Things have changed for the better and I very proud that things are the way it is.Though there are things that are and eyesore.I am sure that it will eventually change.

The first 50 years have been good.Lets see what the next 50 year can be!!!



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